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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Move over darling

I've moved it all over to, where the husband and I write things. Hopefully i'll be updating it more often.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Second Life

Second Life – Thinking about the


Second Life (SL) is a 3D world designed and partly owned by residents. You’ve probably heard that people “make money in a virtual world”, then take a look at it and read a few reviews on games websites and think it sounds like a bunch of fuss over nothing.

You should look again. If you want to think of yourself as a progressive thinker, you really can’t afford to ignore SL.

Firstly SL is not a game. You don’t shoot things for hour after hour, you don’t grind for XP, you don’t advance your character. Well not in a lvl 60 way.

Secondly it’s not just “Sexy Sim World”. You don’t have to get involved in anything seedy whatsoever. Even though some residents choose to create and indulge in virtual thrill seeking pleasures, most residents I’ve met are interested in using SL in a different way, for instance designing meditation spaces. Virtual spiritual retreats with streaming wisdom from the Dalai Lama, or support groups for manic depressives.


Universities like Harvard have cottoned on to the benefits of virtual learning in SL. Here is what they have to say about their online course - Law in the Court of Public Opinion

“If we do say so ourselves, the course will be unlike any that has ever been taught. It is a course in persuasive, empathic argument in the Internet space. Throughout the course we will be studying many different media technologies to understand how their inherent characteristics and modes of distribution affect the arguments that are made using them. Students will be immersed in this study through project-based assignments in which they will be using these technologies to make their own arguments”

Having tried a few of the online lessons in 3D building and scripting, I found the environment to be extremely creative. For a start my teachers varied in appearance, from a Feline Fatale to a “normal looking” Cheerleader, I got a unique perspective on how my teacher sees themselves. Of course my classmates were all pretty unique, one of them was actually a random object. And why not?


Public Radio’s popular health and Science show The Infinite Mind, recently ran interviews with novelist Kurt Vonnegut and technology and social forecaster Howard Rheingold.

(Click for clips and more info)

Performers like Duran Duran and Suzanne Vega have done live shows. Music concerts, sponsored by big movers have become more popular, with MTV and Coca Cola getting their filthy fists in on the action, however plenty of alternative groups are around, and you can’t keep a good bit of creativity down. Whilst the Evil Empire of Sony Online Entertainment shafted angry SWG players, the SW community thrives in SL, creating their own worlds, weapons and stories. There are weapon zones, but I've heard from other second lifers that they aren't that fantastic, however I've not tried them out myself. I know that people have fun shooting the "trespassers" on their land, so maybe that is something you should consider if you start exploring the infinite lands within SL.

You get what you put in

It’s not about possessing money either. If you look you can find financial opportunities within the game, but only if you are talented. There are plenty of guides to working in SL, but that is only going to be your thing if it is your thing, if you see what I mean.

For a deeper look at Second Life check the wiki

Wagner James Au reports on SL

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Chip Guy gets it right

Star Wars Galaxies: Anatomy of a PR Disaster

Click on Chip Guy for the skinny on the royal screwing that Sony Online Entertainment gave it's customers. It's a good antidote to the withdrawal pangs and reminds me that SOE is like an abusive ex-boyfriend that you shouldn't go back to, let alone google.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

King Kong Phooey

Ok it's a film review but as it's only me who reads this I can post what I damn well like.
King Kong.
Peter Jackson's slaughterpiece.

When we watched it with a friend, he was asleep for most of it and then woke up and said "Why does everyone in it want to eat Blondie?" Every single creature in it thinks that Blondie will taste better than the giant mouthful of tender Crocolisk meat that it already has.

I have a very beautiful friend who used to be blonde, and she is truly so darn attractive that I can imagine all sorts of monsters wanting to munch her up, but, knowing she was emigrating to Australia where there actually are large beasts roaming around, she sensibly dyed her hair to a kind of dark honey brown (obviously after watching King Kong)

Anyway, Wattsherface in this film is doing her best Nicole Kidman impression and the director of photography believes her, because every other shot of her in in excruciating slow Moulin Rouge motion "I'll be a real actress!" she whispers, before she dies, except she doesn't die.

Wattsherface is a good friend of Kidman (and they share the same facemaker surgeon) I'm assuming Kidman turned the role down, probably because she didn't want to star with Beautiful Bignose actor Adrian Brody in case he was offended and yet deeply moved by her Oscar winning portrayal of him in The Hours.

Oh and Jack Black spends the whole film in the wrong film.

And all darkies are evil.
I suppose the problem is that nothing can eclipse the experience I had when I played Progress Quest. Those halcyon days gathering the penii of Kobold on the Shores of Orion, my character JootMoot (Race - Talking Pony, Class - Hunter Strangler) would laugh and play alongside many, many others. Thanks guys for the companionship and love.
I will never, ever, ever forget you.


Don't Shatner your illusions


So this is where I have been for the last few months. In Azeroth*.

*Armed with the fully illustrated World of Warcraft Atlas (published by ISBN 0-7440-0441-1) It's on Amazon. It's lovely. Glossy.

We wait eagerly for the Burning Crusade expansion.
I'm a noob, just two lvl 30 Priests (one on each side) and a small clawful of lower level characters. Everyone plays this, most of the SWG community migrated here I suspect.

Basics is that it's set in Elf land.
There are two sides, Alliance and Horde.
Alliance are Night Elves, Dwarves, Humans and Gnomes.
Horde are Undead, Trolls, Taurens and Orcs.

Alliance are soon to be joined by the hoofy Draenei

Horde get the blonde horror of the Blood Elves

Ok, I'm sure that the Blood elves aren't just blonde, but right now, the screenshots look like pointy Barbie dolls who are slightly cross. Still, just as long as I can make one in a brusier set of colours, I'll try one out, it's not that I don't like playing my Undead character Crazylina, it's just that sometimes her bony spine sticking out from her cloak makes me feel like I'm playing as Kiera "anorexia? never heard of it!" Knightley. But then Kiera's jaw sticks out, where as my characters jawbone keeps falling off, so they are different in that respect. At least for the moment.

Personally I think that Troll girls have more fun. They certainly seem to get the most howling, whistling and bashful looks from the male folk. I think it is the sheer brazen Tina Turner Thunderdome Warrior Queenishness of them. That and their sexy tusks.

Sexy Troll Lady

Sexier Tina Lady


Ugh. Did I mention Seed?
Well if you like standing in the same spot as thirty other players for ages, if you like talking to an NPC thinking it's another player and if you like having an incredibly crap navigation, this is the game for you.

Agony Online

I dabbled with Anarchy Online for a bit and decided it was too murky and flat looking, plus I was getting cheesed off with endless adverts in noobland for the Posiedon (Upsidedown) Adventure. I like the concept, very Blade Runner, but the graphics just felt too angular. I'm probably doing my self a big diservice here, they seem to be offering all sorts of incentives to play. Hold on though, this was meant to be a post about World of Warcraft and I find myself instead giving AO a second go...

(logs on)
(logs off)

Well that lasted all of 10 minutes. But I took a screenshot for you. Gameplay is stunted, graphics are really boxy and character customisation is pretty basic. Navigation is stiff. I'm sure some players love it, but I just feel that the game could look better. It's landscapes are bland, and I do have a good computer. An Alienware no less. And yet the "freeness" is nice of Funcom. Their heart is in the right place. Might be difficult to see from the screenshot, but here I am standing limply on Noob Island. I have lost the will to live. Also I have no idea which button to use to run.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Dungeons and Drabness Unfortunately Online

I was excited about getting this after all the hype, but unfortunately it is just hype.

For a start, the Gameplay is laggy in busy places, you get masses of characters all jumbled up inside each other in a pixelated mess in doorways, entrances etc and some of the texture rendering wasn't very good, bald patches appearing on characters heads for instance. I have a very fast PC and it still looked messy. Honestly, is it too much to ask for your toon to have the ability not to be able to run through other toons? It just sorta ruins the whole effect.

Visual character customisation is very limited, there are no options to change the body weight or shape of the character, and another more sinister problem, I couldn't make the skin colour of the Elf I had chosen to play, dark. OK this sounds a bit weird, but I'm a dark skinned girl, I don't necessarily always want to play a light skinned character. There was a light green, a light pink, a light blue option... but no dark green, no dark pink... no dark Elf skin colours at all. It may seem trivial, but it's worth mentioning. Also there are no options to change your characters appearance after the first screen, so if your Dwarf fancies a beard trim, SHE will not have the option to have a wee shave later. I don't think it's just female players who like variety in the customisation of games, from what I have seen, male players are equally sophisticated in their tailoring needs.

I don't think you should have to be a D&D expert to play this game, if you aren't, the learning curve will be very steep, with neither the instruction booklet or initial screens being particularly user friendly. Honestly, I was snoring after the User Agreement.

Monday, February 06, 2006

City of Villians Villianesses

I've been a bit occupied for a little while playing new characters on City of Villians to see what I like doing. But here are the pictures of you can see, the character creation page is a huge amount of fun!

So this Green lady is Arachnia9 who is inspired by a song that Adam and I perform called the Siren Song of Arachnia 9, which is basically a torch song about a Star Trek Villianess who gets to consume her Captain in a blaze of murderous seductive green lady-ness...

You can listen to it here (or you could have if the site was still up, I got bored didn't I?) you can email me for a copy.

In CoV, Archnia 9 is a sonic corruptor which basically means she shrieks and shouts and sings her way into the bones of the enemy. Lovely.

This is my favorite character to play. Sister Sadista.
She trained to a very high standard at Silent Hill general hospital, and as you would expect, she uses no aneasthetic, has little regard for hygiene, uses a rusty scalpel and couldn't care a toss wether you like her bedside manner.

'There there there.... Mummy Kiss it better'

Here is Monster's Mate. The warm and loving companion to Monster Fred. They offer marriage counselling to all villians.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

She's a Villian

I couldn't resist making a Connie character in City of Villians. Only problem was she was too boring to play, so I deleted her Digital Smugness.