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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Connie. So very horrible. Can shrivel a dick from 50 paces.

I'm enjoying the current AOL campaign, a piece of inspired advertising which throws up different takes on whether or not the internet is a good thing. Using the voice of John Hurt, the original actor who played Winston in the film version of 1984, the narration says either 'Orwell was wrong' Or 'Orwell was right' whilst showing the positive and negative sides of internet culture.
Alternately uplifting and terrifying, the ad campaign is a million miles away from the truly awful AOL Dominatrix, Connie (above) and of course then there was the dreadful cheap Elvis campaign and the badly acted Vanessa (spoilt child actor, do you even remember seeing it?) campaign.

Suddenly there is this inspired piece of film, urging us quietly to /discuss, the merits or madness of the internet, people like Will Self, Desmond Morris and Alastair Campbell are on board to give their views.
Excited, you go to AOL's website... and are greeting with the familiar cluttered mishmash which is AOL and you know that yep, you were right.
AOL is still shit.


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