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Friday, January 20, 2006

The Lagg Dolls

'I've seen women get ragged on by other women just because they enjoyed a good fragging here and there.' DekaGreen posted on

Now obviously I spent about 3 minutes (long long minutes) laughing at that.

I had been looking for info about the Frag Dolls

Yep, the Slag Dolls, Ubisofts all girl game gang (bang?)
Yep, pretty girls who enjoy gaming and specifically like to enjoy showing the guys how hot and hard they are as rare girl gamers.

The Cragg Dolls might be strategically placed 'models' who's blogs are written by short fat hairy guys.


Too early in my research to say. I do know that the Hag Dolls are recruited by Games Developer Ubisoft (Splinter Cell, King Kong, Prince of Persia) to promote their games.

Here is the quote from Brag Doll 'Rhoulette's' blog about their connection with Ubisoft

''The Frag Dolls are a group of girl gamers brought together by Ubisoft to play and promote games. It’s much like a sports sponsorship in which a company helps the athlete do what she does best. Ubisoft asks us to be informed about certain games so that we can talk about and play them well. In exchange, we’re supported in playing video games, competing, going to events all over the country, writing our own editorial blogs about whatever, being involved in online communities, and generally representing girl gamers by being ourselves. Because this is a community outreach effort on Ubisoft’s part as much as it is anything else, we have a mutually beneficial relationship.

The recruitment process was straightforward. The Craig's List ''casting call'' for girl gamers was posted. Respondents went through a multi-stage interview process in which the coordinators and candidates discussed the project’s overall goals and direction. In the final interview stage each candidate’s gaming skills were tested via Xbox Live. The competition was intense and final offers were made to the cream of the crop.''

So they are manufactured as a group. They insist they are authentic girl gamers, which is probably true, and if not at the beginning, they certainly will be now because of all the appearances they have to make. From what I'm reading they compete in tournaments and hurt little boys.

It's probably a great job to have. Lots of free games and offers of sex from hairy men.
Lucky Spag Bols, with the enthusiasm of cheerleaders they talk about how much they like to beat the boys. ('beat' being the operative perv word)
But they talk about it all in a way that makes it all seem so...plastic and professional.

Anyway I'll read up on them a bit more before being a complete bitch about them. I suppose the question is, are they irritating because there isn't a single minging girl amongst them? Or is it that they wouldn't have formed organically? Or is it that I hate boy bands and girl groups that are thrown together by a Svengali. be a cool gamer girl, do you have to be pretty too? I dunno, I dunno... It's all marketing. Make a buck. Buy a fuck.


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