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Friday, January 20, 2006

Missing Star Wars Galaxies and How to Kill your Sims

Ok City of Villians first impressions. It's not Star Wars.
I'm in mourning. Its a valid thing.
I'll get to the City of Villians experience soon enough, don't worry. I'm quite committed to making it work, and I have a very nice set of characters that I am levelling.

After playing SWG (Star Wars Galaxies) for long enough to get a happy Imperial Bounty Hunter/ Combat Medic lvl 80 character, plus several beautifully decorated houses, enough vehicles to become a used speeder salesman, and enough weapons to be arrested, I finally cancelled my account after the controversial and quite frankly rubbish game overhaul they put us through at the end of last year (2005)

Everyone knows what happened and there is enough crying about it on enough websites for me not to go on and on and on and on about it here. (Although I might go on a little teeny bit)

But I miss it. I miss the fighting and the fun I had healing the injured players. I miss being a momma to teams of Noobs, taking them out and showing them round and helping them get their XP. I miss the ambient way I could just drive around in the rain on Dantooine and go shopping for furniture or clothes, weapons and shiny new armor, and was in serious negotations to acquire a baby Bantha (it was soooo cute) when it all went crappy. My Bantha trader had cancelled his account. So had my weaponsmith. Along with my RP friends.

I think my tailor, the Exquisite Mexia Firesun, aka Madame Makeover, still has her boutiques there, visiting her was a truly lovely experience, especially as in the real world people who work in clothes boutiques normally ignore me whilst reading Heat magazine, let alone are able to give me advice on the stats of my armor or what to do when a Wookie is asking you to marry him, and you just know that you'll have horrible furballs in the bed if you do.

I don't miss the endless grind for XP, killing the Pickets (Giraffe type things) and the Bols (Dhino hybrid lumps) or the Pillocks and Bastards as we renamed them. True, it got more interesting killing Nudfers (more lumps) and Tortons (even bigger lumps) on one of the more dangerous planets, but really, it was the community that made it special.

Oh and did I mention the houses? I loved decorating the houses. Great thing to do when you can't sleep. Now before you start thinking I would be better off playing the Sim's, I do miss the carnage and being a loyal Imperial servant of our Glorious Leader, and I miss very much having a big gun. (Even if I was wearing an evening dress sometimes) Plus the only good thing about the Sim's as far as I could see after playing it for a day before getting bored of it, was that you could make characters that looked like your ex partners, put them all in a house, take all the toilets and beds away, (so they have to piss on the floor and can't sleep) give them multiple coffee machines (so they have to stay awake) and ovens, ovens, lots of ovens. Block all the doors to the house so they can't get out, and then watch them die one by one, as the ovens caught fire.
Then they cry and cry. How you laugh.

There is a most wonderful site on how to do this and more at

But enough about killing your Sims. No actually, a bit more. At the end of the carnage, when the last Sim is standing, weeping over the multiple deaths of his friends in the Big Brother house, give him a set of Pink Flamingos and some balloons to cheer him up.


  • At 6:27 PM, Anonymous Mexia Firesun said…

    Hello their, it is i Maddam Makeover aka Mexia Firesun. Wow! i was trolling Google when i thought it would be fun to input my name and holy hand granades! I got a name check :o

    Im so glad my shop bought you joy and im happy to tell you i still continue to make cloths in SWG. When did u leave the game? and what was your SWG toon name?

    I love your page and will pop in again one day soon,

    all the best

    Mexia Firesun

  • At 8:53 PM, Blogger Miss Green Gamer said…

    Ah Mexia, so nice to hear from you! I was Tigerlili and I left just before Christmas :(
    Feel free to post your new shop locations on here and I'll happily write a bit more about you!

    Much love

  • At 12:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hehe i knew it!!

    I did wonder were you went to. such a shame you left sweety, things have improved a great deal now.

    Your love (lust?) for clothing kept me busy thu lean times. I rebuilt my shop on Rori and know im pleased to say its all done and stocked to the rafters.

    I co-lead MoonShadow guild ( im their Queen ) and my shop is now a part of our amazing town, MoonShadow Hills.

    Its nice to know your still out their lilly :]

    much hugs,


  • At 1:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    we miss you to, perhaps we will cross paths on the bridge of a federation ship or in the lands of middle earth ^^


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