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Friday, January 20, 2006

Star Wars Knight of the Old Republic II

Set five years after the bestselling Knights of the Old Republic, Sith Lords have slaughtered the Jedi in an attempt to end the Old Republic. You get to choose one of three kinds of Jedi, with unique abilities and you get a group of characters to interact with and play as.

There is this character Atton Rand. Atton thinks he is sexy.

Atton - what a beast

Now Atton is pretty cute, but I don't really want to date him, especially as I've seen him in his underwear and it's just not happening down there. Nevertherless, it doesn't stop him wisecracking his way through your adventures and trying to get your clothes off.

Adam doesn't like him.

Then there is Kreia, an old force sensitive hag, who is played by Dahlia from Silent Hill.

Kreia - lovely grandmother, she gives you a cookie if you help her feed all her cats

Dahlia is getting less work as she gets older, and I suspect it is because of the gin.

Dahlia from Silent Hill - makes you feel all warm inside


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