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Monday, February 06, 2006

City of Villians Villianesses

I've been a bit occupied for a little while playing new characters on City of Villians to see what I like doing. But here are the pictures of you can see, the character creation page is a huge amount of fun!

So this Green lady is Arachnia9 who is inspired by a song that Adam and I perform called the Siren Song of Arachnia 9, which is basically a torch song about a Star Trek Villianess who gets to consume her Captain in a blaze of murderous seductive green lady-ness...

You can listen to it here (or you could have if the site was still up, I got bored didn't I?) you can email me for a copy.

In CoV, Archnia 9 is a sonic corruptor which basically means she shrieks and shouts and sings her way into the bones of the enemy. Lovely.

This is my favorite character to play. Sister Sadista.
She trained to a very high standard at Silent Hill general hospital, and as you would expect, she uses no aneasthetic, has little regard for hygiene, uses a rusty scalpel and couldn't care a toss wether you like her bedside manner.

'There there there.... Mummy Kiss it better'

Here is Monster's Mate. The warm and loving companion to Monster Fred. They offer marriage counselling to all villians.


  • At 10:58 PM, Anonymous scott said…

    i really like the characters i wish i had the time to play it. Also the siren song sounds good. I like the lyrics and vocal talent. Do you have any more tracks?


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