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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Agony Online

I dabbled with Anarchy Online for a bit and decided it was too murky and flat looking, plus I was getting cheesed off with endless adverts in noobland for the Posiedon (Upsidedown) Adventure. I like the concept, very Blade Runner, but the graphics just felt too angular. I'm probably doing my self a big diservice here, they seem to be offering all sorts of incentives to play. Hold on though, this was meant to be a post about World of Warcraft and I find myself instead giving AO a second go...

(logs on)
(logs off)

Well that lasted all of 10 minutes. But I took a screenshot for you. Gameplay is stunted, graphics are really boxy and character customisation is pretty basic. Navigation is stiff. I'm sure some players love it, but I just feel that the game could look better. It's landscapes are bland, and I do have a good computer. An Alienware no less. And yet the "freeness" is nice of Funcom. Their heart is in the right place. Might be difficult to see from the screenshot, but here I am standing limply on Noob Island. I have lost the will to live. Also I have no idea which button to use to run.


  • At 8:53 PM, Anonymous Scott said…

    i to have played this, it was an good game for being free but the graphics do let it down. I also felt the fact you then had to pay for expansions was misleading when you are told its a free game. Some characters and classes could only be created after buying upgrades.


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