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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


So this is where I have been for the last few months. In Azeroth*.

*Armed with the fully illustrated World of Warcraft Atlas (published by ISBN 0-7440-0441-1) It's on Amazon. It's lovely. Glossy.

We wait eagerly for the Burning Crusade expansion.
I'm a noob, just two lvl 30 Priests (one on each side) and a small clawful of lower level characters. Everyone plays this, most of the SWG community migrated here I suspect.

Basics is that it's set in Elf land.
There are two sides, Alliance and Horde.
Alliance are Night Elves, Dwarves, Humans and Gnomes.
Horde are Undead, Trolls, Taurens and Orcs.

Alliance are soon to be joined by the hoofy Draenei

Horde get the blonde horror of the Blood Elves

Ok, I'm sure that the Blood elves aren't just blonde, but right now, the screenshots look like pointy Barbie dolls who are slightly cross. Still, just as long as I can make one in a brusier set of colours, I'll try one out, it's not that I don't like playing my Undead character Crazylina, it's just that sometimes her bony spine sticking out from her cloak makes me feel like I'm playing as Kiera "anorexia? never heard of it!" Knightley. But then Kiera's jaw sticks out, where as my characters jawbone keeps falling off, so they are different in that respect. At least for the moment.

Personally I think that Troll girls have more fun. They certainly seem to get the most howling, whistling and bashful looks from the male folk. I think it is the sheer brazen Tina Turner Thunderdome Warrior Queenishness of them. That and their sexy tusks.

Sexy Troll Lady

Sexier Tina Lady


  • At 8:55 PM, Anonymous Scott said…

    i like the phots and i really like the game. The only thing i miss is having a home or guild hall of your own.


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